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Igniting change and creating equity in film, TV, and cinema 

How we support you

If you work in film, TV, or cinema, we’re here to support you, whether you’re freelance or salaried. We provide in the moment, practical support with mental and physical health – everything from a listening ear when you need one through to counselling.

We can also help you to:

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If you need urgent support, our free and confidential 24-hour support line is here for you.

Call 0800 054 0000

Latest news

  • A group shot of all football and netball participants from the Broadcast Fives 2024. They are all sat along the side-line of an astroturf pitch.

    That’s a wrap: Broadcast Fives 2024 

    Companies from across the film, TV and cinema industry gathered to compete for the prestigious Broadcast Fives Trophy – a fantastic day of fun, camaraderie, and sporting rivalry all for a good cause.

  • We are opening our doors at 22 Golden Square!

    28 February 2024 

    Do you work in the film, TV, and cinema industry and find yourself needing somewhere to come and work for a few hours? We’re opening our doors, firing up our coffee machine, and unveiling our free open workspace right in the heart of Soho.

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Improving the industry

We’re committed to making the industry a happier, healthier place to work. We use evidence to prompt action that has real impact.


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Get involved and make a difference

Thanks to the support of people just like you, we’re able to have a positive impact on the lives of people across the film, TV, and cinema community. 

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    Support us with a donation 

    You’ll be making a real difference to the people behind the scenes in film, TV, and cinema who need it most.

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    Partner with us 

    Our partners play an instrumental role in our mission to provide support to individuals across film, TV, and cinema.

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    Fundraise for us 

    Your fundraising helps us offer our services to the people who need them most, making the industry a better place to work for all.

A camera operator, dressed all in black, is standing behind a camera that is standing on a tripod. They are filming a person that sitting on a sofa in an office waiting area.
The support I received meant I could keep going at a time when I thought I would be forced to give up my dream. I really hope other heads of departments speak to the Charity and see that their work is for everyone. 
Heather Basten, Casting Director 

What we’re working on

We work with industry partners to make life behind the scenes better. From mentally healthy productions to community engagement, we’re working to improve equity and inclusion across the industry, especially for people from marginalised or under-represented groups. Together, we are film and TV.

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    Mentally healthy productions 

    The Whole Picture Toolkit helps support people at all levels of production, and guides managers and senior creative leaders to look after the mental health of crew members.

  • Two women at a desk, one is in a wheelchair and the other standing by their side. They are both looking at the laptop screen.

    Money Matters 

    Find out about our most recent industry research on the finances and financial resilience of film, TV, and cinema industry workers.

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