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From accidents to rent arrears, equipment to anxiety, our friendly team is always here for you. It’s confidential and free to contact us. Don’t hold back.

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Whether it’s big or small, tell us the money worries that are pulling you down.

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Full of ambition but hit a hurdle? Tell us what you need to take the next step.

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When life throws something unexpected, we’re the team who will understand.

Shelly Love
Your awards have enabled me to make a film and attend essential meetings. You are such a vital resource within the industry. Thank you.
Shelly Love, Motherhood and Filmmaking See all stories

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13 Feb 2020

The Whole Picture Programme, by our CEO, Alex Pumfrey

The Whole Picture Programme, by our CEO, Alex Pumfrey

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13 Feb 2020

Film, TV and cinema industries take action

Film, TV and cinema industries take action on mental health

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9 Dec 2019

12 Recipients Of John Brabourne Awards Announced

The latest winners of the prestigious John Brabourne Award talent development grant from The Film and TV Charity, providing a safety net and giving talented individuals the resources they need to develop or complete projects and reach their full potential.

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