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From one-off grants to mental health and wellbeing support, you can talk to us about any issues or challenges. It’s confidential and free to anyone working behind the scenes in film, TV or cinema. Don’t hold back.

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Whether it’s big or small, tell us the worry or issue standing in your way.

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We offer a wealth of information and support on manging your finances, including grants to help in tough times.

Mental wellbeing and support

The challenges of life and work can be overwhelming, especially for freelancers.


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30 Nov 2023

Celebrities Support Behind The Scenes Workers As They Face ‘Toughest Winter Ever’

The Film and TV Charity has launched a short film in response to the financial hardship many people working behind the scenes are facing.

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25 Oct 2023

Help us to support you and others in these financially difficult times

We are urging industry workers to participate in our latest financial survey to help the sector support them better at time of unprecedented need

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25 Sep 2023

Remembering Sir Horace Ové

Please join us 26th September, 5-8pm to raise a glass to celebrate and remember Sir Horace Ové.

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The support I received meant I could keep going at a time when I thought I would be forced to give up my dream. I really hope other HoDs speak to the charity and see that their work is for everyone.
Heather Basten, Casting Director See all stories

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