Diversity, equity and inclusion

We’re contributing to the creation of an inclusive and equitable industry where everyone can thrive 

The Film and TV Charity is committed to improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in the film, TV, and cinema industry – making the industry a happier and fairer place for all. 

In 2020 we formally adopted a new charitable objective:

To promote equality, diversity, and inclusion…by reducing, preventing, and discouraging discrimination and the resulting barriers in the film, television, or moving image industry.

Not everyone in our industry starts in the same position – with equivalent advantages, resources, or opportunities. There are all sorts of barriers tied up with background and identity that have nothing to do with talent and skill.

These can have an impact on career progress, and even someone’s ability to stay in the industry. And there can be significant impacts on wellbeing.

We help to improve wellbeing in two complementary ways: 

  • With the support we provide to individuals.
  • By making change across the industry that improves the working lives of our beneficiaries.

Anti-racism action

Through conversations with Black and Global Majority industry workers, we have recognised the urgent need to prioritise our anti-racism efforts. 

In 2021, we were joined on secondment by Sasha Salmon, an expert in anti-racism work with an extensive background in Government and civil society. Salmon heard the testimony of more than 50 people of colour in the industry to inform her Thinkpiece on Anti-Racism in the UK Film and TV Industry published in September 2021.

In May 2021, inspired by Salmon’s work, we made three new commitments:

  1. Ringfencing 30% of our future grants budgets for Black and Global Majority beneficiaries to ensure equitable access to our funding.
  2. A commitment to invest £1 million of the Charity’s own resources in a new programme to develop support, resources, and access for Black and Global Majority industry workers, contributing to the creation of an inclusive, equitable, anti-racist industry where creatives can thrive. This now has a working title of the Impact Partnerships Programme’.
  3. New targets to increase the representation of people identifying as from the Black and Global Majority on the charity’s Board of Trustees and across the team.

We will update this page regularly to report progress against each of these three commitments:

  1. Ringfencing of grants budgets
  2. Impact Partnerships Programme
  3. Diversity targets

Our three commitments

Support available for you

  • Headshot of Sir Horace Ové, CBE. One of the leading black independent filmmakers to emerge in Britain.

    Sir Horace Ové Grant 

    Helping Black and Global Majority film, TV, and cinema workers access opportunities with the Sir Horace Ové Grant.

  • Support Line 

    Our free and confidential 24/7 Support Line is available to everyone working behind the scenes in film, TV, and cinema.

  • A woman is sat with her back to the camera. She is talking to another person who is sat facing her, paying attention to what she is saying.

    Bullying and harassment 

    What you need to know about bullying, harassment and discrimination at work.

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