Our vision and goals

Building a community to belong to

What if… we could offer everyone working behind the scenes in film, TV and cinema a place to belong… a community that everyone is part of?

Vision for the future 

“A supportive film and TV community that works together to make our industry work better” 

How? Our charitable aims are to:

  • Support those facing disadvantage
  • Prevent or relieve financial hardship
  • Promote physical, mental and social wellbeing
  • Promote equality, diversity and inclusion, by reducing, preventing and discouraging discrimination and the resulting barriers in the industry.


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The British Sign Language team are available 09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday.
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Welcome to the Film and Television Charity. Calls are recorded for the purposes of quality and staff training. This is a confidential service, however, there are some exceptions to this and these are where there may be a risk to your own health and safety, that of others or if you have been involved in a crime. An advisor will be with you shortly, Thank You.

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Our long-term mission

We offer everyone working in film and TV a community to belong, and we want to make work better. Our goals are:

To offer a helping hand

to everyone working behind the scenes. We are building an inclusive industry community that will support you through your career and every day.

To catalyse change

to address the challenges and inequalities faced by the people who are the heart of our industry. We amplify under-represented voices, advocate for better work and take action

Big ambitions… how will we get there?

We believe that the key to successfully meeting these are goals is through a combination of:

  • Direct action to support individuals during times of need, including financial assistance, counselling and advice, and signposting to specialised help
  • Supporting individuals and grassroots organisations dedicated to improving the lives of industry workers
  • Working with organisations across the industry to drive widespread, meaningful change
  • Encouraging everyone in the industry to take part in and champion better, more inclusive working practices.

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