Anti-Racism Review

The Film and TV Charity is currently working on a report on racism in the film and TV industries and we want to hear from those with first-hand experience.

This year we appointed Sasha Salmon, Senior Adviser on Equalities and Communities in the Mayor’s Office in London, on a 5-month secondment to lead on this work.

Speaking out about racism can have serious professional and personal repercussions so we are keen to offer a safe space for closed, anonymous contributions which will help us properly understand experiences of racism and anti-racist activity in the industry and to evaluate what is and isn’t working. We have deliberately made the questions as broad as possible, so that you can share whatever thoughts seem most important to you. Please feel free to write as little or as much as you like, and you are welcome to do so anonymously if you prefer.

Your responses will inform the report, to be published this Summer, which will play back the reality of what racism looks like in the industry and offer constructive recommendations and a call for structural change.  It will also be a map for us – about how we can best work collaboratively to support and fund anti-racism work within and around the industry.

You may not have capacity for another exercise exploring racism and additional demands on your time, but if you do we would be very keen to learn your insights and experience and would be grateful for any contribution you are able to make. It is very important to us that anyone who has thoughts to contribute has the opportunity to do so. These will greatly help us in shaping the best report possible.

It would be greatly appreciated if we could have responses not later than the end of Thursday 13th May.

Please feel free to share this form with anyone you think would like to contribute.