Bullying Advice Service Advisor

Reports to:                 Service Delivery Manager

Contract:                    1 day / 7 hours per week, to be worked flexibly

Salary:                        £35,000- £38,000 pro rata (depending on relevant experience) 

Location:                    Homebased


About the Film & Television Charity

The film, TV and cinema sector is a jewel in the UK’s crown, both in terms of our exceptional creative talent and the sector’s growing economic importance, but a culture of long hours, challenging conditions, and an acceptance of a long-held status quo also mean it can be an incredibly tough sector to work in, with the retention of talent an ongoing problem as a result.

In 2019, research commissioned by the charity found that 9 in 10 working behind the scenes had experienced poor mental health. The pandemic has only served to exacerbate the problem, while the harrowing conversations that followed the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020 have further highlighted the systemic nature of discrimination.

Since the introduction of the Film and TV Support Line in 2018, the charity has been on an exciting journey of change and has joined industry partners at the forefront of the movement to make work better for everyone in the industry.

As well as providing mental health and financial support and practical resources that are making a difference to thousands of people every year, we have committed to ensuring our services are relevant to and engaging with everyone in the industry, at every stage of their career, no matter what their background.

This has included a commitment to becoming an actively Anti-Racist organisation. This means an honest look at the charity, our internal policies and all our outputs going forward. We recognise the importance of long-term investment in this process as we make permanent, structural changes to ensure support is readily accessible to Black, Asian and minority ethnic people in our industry. We are also applying the same principles to other under-represented groups.


About the Film and TV Support Line

The Charity runs the Film & TV Support Line to provide confidential and independent support on a wide range of needs, free to access by everyone in the industry.

The Support Line is operated by a team of trained call handlers at a third-party contact centre. They are available 24/7 and provide a listening ear, emotional support, information and signposting.

The call handlers can then also, if appropriate, refer callers to the Charity to apply for financial support, or to one of the line’s Tier 2 services, which are for private, professional, one-to-one:

  • therapy (CBT)
  • bereavement counselling
  • financial/debt management advice
  • legal advice
  • bullying advice service


To provide information and support to callers to the Film and TV Support Line’s Tier 2 Bullying Advice Service. Though set up as an anti-bullying service, we are now expanding the service to incorporate supporting clients who wish to discuss current or past experiences of racism (whether interpersonal or structural), other forms of discrimination and bullying.

To give callers a safe, confidential space to talk things through and connect them with mental health and wellbeing support services offered by the charity.

To help callers understand what their options are and what those options might look like in the caller’s particular situation. To help the caller navigate their options for themselves and, where possible, make an informed decision about next steps.

To answer questions about – or guide callers’ use of – resources that respond to experiences of racism and anti-bullying resources to support individuals, available from the Charity or other industry bodies. Key external resources are the BFI/BAFTA Principles & Guidance, as well as resources created by Directors UK, ScreenSkills, BECTU and others. The Charity will also provide:

  • a digital incident recording tool
  • digital self-help resources
  • a curated directory of information and links about further support across the industry

To collate data about the outputs and outcomes of the service and contribute to building and developing this new service to meet the needs of industry workers who have experienced bullying, harassment or racism.

Key Responsibilities

  • To contribute to the ongoing development of the bullying advice service, offering information, guidance and support to individuals in the UK film, TV and cinema industry.
  • To respond to callers who wish to discuss their experiences of racism (interpersonal or structural), and/or other forms of discrimination and bullying in the industry
    • To engage in active listening and use basic counselling techniques to provide emotional support to callers
    • To give callers space to talk through their experiences, say things out loud, feel heard, ask questions and get their thoughts in order
    • To encourage callers to keep accurate, detailed records of events
    • To filter out vexatious complaints and suggest online self-help resources such as time-management or assertiveness training, where appropriate
    • To help callers identify patterns of behaviour and the cumulative impact of a series of small incidents of unwanted conduct or inappropriate behaviour, or micro-aggressions
    • In appropriate cases, to empower callers to decide for themselves if their experience constitutes bullying
    • To provide information about:
      1. Employment law
      2. Human rights legislation
      3. Mediation methods
      4. Systems for making formal complaints to employer, commissioning or industry bodies
  • To give tips or ways of starting conversations that use:
    1. Active bystander techniques
    2. De-escalation tools
    3. Neutral, non-confrontational language
  • To help callers work out for themselves what they want their next steps to be (if any), including formal reporting, mediation and self-care – and to think through the potential outcomes
  • To signpost callers to relevant sources of information and support, inside and outside of the industry


Additional information


The purpose of this service is to support clients who wish to discuss current or past experiences of bullying, harassment and/or racism. .The advisor will provide information, support and signposting.

The service is not an investigating or reporting service. It offers confidential advice and support for individuals to help them process their experience, understand their options and identify next steps.

We know that racism impacts people in a variety of ways and this service is just one element of a wider programme to increase support for our industry colleagues who experience racism in all its forms.


As this role requires a unique combination of industry experience and professional skills, it is expected that training on some requirements will be provided for the successful applicant.

Person Specification: Bullying and Racism Advisor

 Please refer to this document carefully when completing your application and preparing for your interview.  


Requirements Essential/ Desirable
Experience and Knowledge 

  • Meaningful experience of working in the film and TV industry, including working in or closely with a human resources team.  


  • Demonstrable understanding of current issues and practices in the industry including one or more of the following,

o   Industry processes for handling complaints

o   Risk assessment, lone working and safeguarding practices

o   Common types of employment contracts and deal memos


  • Experience of managing complex issues and those of a sensitive nature


  • Experience of supporting clients experiencing issues involving racism and or demonstratable professional expertise in anti-racism work


  • Experience of handling complaints or adjudicating in a formal grievance process and/or mediating in a workplace dispute


  • Experience of providing peer support in a workplace, mental health or bullying context


  • A good understanding of mental health issues or ‘mental health first aid’


  • ·Experience of developing and administrating effective processes and procedures
  • A sound understanding of monitoring and evaluation systems to inform service development


  • Understanding of Data Protection legislation and the practical implications for a client-facing service






























The following are essential, though training will be provided to a successful candidate who does not have them all at the time of application


  • Non-judgmental, active and reflective listening skills


  • Understanding of employment and personal injury legislation; and of the Equalities Act 2010


  • Knowledge of ACAS definitions and the BFI/BAFTA Principles and Guidance on bullying, harassment and racism










Skills and abilities


  • Ability to effectively gather and assess detailed information to provide support and relevant information


  • Excellent organisational skills and attention to detail, with the ability to work quickly and accurately to strict deadlines


  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills


  • Demonstrable commitment to supporting others’ wellbeing and ability to empathise and exercise emotional intelligence


  • Demonstrable commitment to inclusive working, ensuring equality and valuing diversity


  • Ability to interpret numerical and statistical data and use it to drive performance improvement and inform others


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of audiences


  • Ability to self-assess own performance


  • High levels of personal integrity and discretion


  • Ability to adapt to the needs of a new, developing service


  • Demonstrable passion for film and television






























  • To undertake any other works as could be expected of a Bullying Advice Service Advisor.
  • To supply information about the Charity as required by the Head of Service Delivery.
  • To operate in a way that ensures they are recognised as a role model for the Charity’s core values and behaviours.

Diversity statement

The charity recognises that people from some backgrounds are under-represented in the film and TV industry and in the third sector and is committed to doing what it can to correct this. Therefore, we are especially keen to receive applications from people of colour; people with disabilities; those who identify as LGBTQIA; people with a mental health condition; and people who identify as working class now or in the past.

If you need us to make any adjustments to our recruitment process, we will be happy to support you.

To apply:

Closing date for applications: Applications are being considered on a rolling basis

Please apply by submitting your CV and covering letter outlining what skills, abilities, and experience you can bring that make you an ideal candidate for this role.

Send your CV and cover letter to [email protected]


This is not an exhaustive job description and may be subject to change according to the needs and development of the role. It is expected that the post holder may undertake such other duties as may reasonably be requested.

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