Covid-19 Financial Advice

Before applying for support, please read through the following advice

If you’re facing financial hardship you may be entitled to some financial support via the benefits system. Turn2us would be able to advise you: 

  •  Self-employed workers who are not eligible for SSP will be able to claim contributory Employment Support Allowance. This will now be available from day one, not after a week 
  • Universal Credit remains available for self-employed workers. In the recent budget, it was announced that there will be a temporary halt to the minimum floor element of this benefit, which will have a positive impact on self-employed applicants 

What else? 

  • The Government has now announced that all homeowners will be able to claim a three-month break from their mortgage repayments if they are unable to pay because of coronavirus. 
  • The Government has also put emergency legislation in place to protect renters and prevent evictions from social or private rented accommodation “while this national emergency is taking place”. You should contact your landlord to discuss what’s possible and come to an agreement. We can provide legal advice if you’re concerned about your landlord’s response.
  • Some banks are also giving customers the opportunity to temporarily increase their credit limits and access cash in fixed savings accounts. Check with your bank to be clear about what’s possible 
  • Some utility companies have also said that they will take steps to ease the burden on clients by offering increased flexibility and support. Contact your supplier to discuss what is possible. 
  • HMRC have indicated that they may relax the rules on tax liabilities during this period. If you’re concerned about your ability to pay a tax bill, contact HMRC’s coronavirus helpline as soon as possible on 0800 015 9559 

If you’ve explored all of the above and you’re still facing an urgent and immediate need for financial assistance, we may be able to offer a one-off grant of up to £500.

Due to the unprecedented situation facing our industry, we’re focusing our support on people in immediate financial distress, for example:

 Those with no access to funds for immediate living costs e.g. food and essential travel 

  • Those who have medical/health costs that they cannot meet 
  • Those who have exhausted all other reasonable options e.g. state support, savings, family support 

 If this is you…

Apply now

Please complete the financial support form in the first instance. You do not need to call the Support Line. 

Start Your Application

We’re continuing to monitor the rapidly changing situation and will review and update our guidance regularly.

In this unprecedented situation, it’s important to look after your mental health. We’re able to offer a listening ear and can also refer you to trained counsellors who can offer more structured support. We recommend you contact the service using our live chat function.