Frequently asked questions

I have worked in front of and behind the camera? Am I still eligible to apply?

Yes – you’re still eligible to apply if you have worked in multiple roles both in front of and behind the camera as long as you can demonstrate that you have worked at least 40 days (8 weeks) in a behind the camera role between 1st October 2019 – 30th March 2020.

If the majority of your work is front of camera and you’re not eligible, you may be able to apply for help from the Actors Benevolent Fund, Equity Charitable Trust or the Royal Variety Charity.


I am a filmmaker working in the arts sector or mainly in marketing/corporate events. Am I able to apply?

We can consider a portfolio of work that includes different genres as long as you can demonstrate that you have worked at least 40 days (8 weeks) in a film/TV role between 1st October 2019 – 30th March 2020.

If we aren’t able to help, other organisations may be able to help including Arts Council, NABS and other industry charities.


I fall short of the 40 days’ work eligibility due to maternity leave/ illness/ caring responsibilities / other. Can exceptions be made?

Yes, we can still support you if you can demonstrate that you had agreed work beginning between 1st March and 30th April 2020 which has been cancelled as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Do festival screenings count towards my eligibility?

We are only able to consider screenings of unreleased feature films at industry-focused festivals. (Check a list of eligible festivals here.) Short films are not included.


I work for a film festival. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, if you have experience working for an industry-focused festival this work can be included in your experience.


I earned over £50,000 last year so I am not eligible for the Government’s Self-Employment Income Support Scheme. However, I have no access to funds/ am in urgent financial need. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, you are eligible to apply if you are NOT eligible for the Self-employment Income Support Scheme.


Why can’t I apply if I expect to get more than £800 from the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme?

You’re not eligible because we only have limited funding and so are targeting this fund at those who don’t have access to any other financial support or who will only be eligible for minimal support. However, if you’re experiencing financial difficulties in the short term while you await access to this income support you may be eligible to apply for our Repayable Grant Scheme.


I have traded through a limited company and intend to self-furlough through the Job Retention Scheme. However, I have no money now and most of my income comes from dividend rather than profits. Can I apply?

Yes, you can apply if your anticipated support from the JRS will be less than £800 per month.


I trade through a Limited Company but am not the sole employee. Can I apply?

You are only eligible to apply if you are furloughed as the sole permanent employee of your own limited company and you anticipated your support through the Government’s Job Retention Scheme will be less than £800 per month

You are still considered the sole permanent employee if you have a temporary employee on a contract of less than 6 months.


I was employed on 28th February but my employers at the time won’t rehire and furlough me or aren’t giving me an answer. Can I apply?

Yes, if you are currently unemployed and are not furloughed and you meet the other criteria you can apply to the fund. If your previous employer does agree to furlough you after you have made your application, we would be grateful if you could let us know.


Can I apply for this if I have had other recent grants from the Charity?

Yes, you are eligible to apply if you have previously received a grant from The Film and TV Charity.


I have received funding of less than £1500 from another industry Coronavirus related funding scheme, am I eligible?

Yes, if you have received less than £1500 from another industry Coronavirus funding scheme you are still eligible to apply.


I applied for funding from the charity before 8th April for financial support relating to Covid-19 pandemic. I am confused about the two schemes. Can I still apply for this new fund?

Yes. since the beginning of the Covid-19 situation, the Charity has enabled people facing urgent financial hardship to apply for support of up to £500 from the charities open grant scheme.

Now that we have launched the Covid-19 specific fund, these original Support Grants will no longer accept applications from people experiencing financial hardship as a result of Covid-19.

Anyone that applied for our support grants up until end of day 7th April is still eligible to apply for the new targeted Covid-19 Relief Fund, but we may take any previous funding into account.


I can’t see my job area listed in the drop down, am I still eligible?

Yes, if you work in a role behind the scenes in film, TV or cinema you are eligible to apply. Please just detail your role in the form and ensure that you include an up-to-date CV or links to your experience on a professional website such as IMDb or LinkedIn


Will my previous income / my previous household income have a bearing on my application even though this is no longer a reflection of my current financial situation?

We may take this into account if we have more eligible applications than we can support. Previous income will be taken as one indicator of your financial resilience but will be considered alongside a number of other factors.


If I am successful and receive some Covid -19 funding am I able to seek further support from other Film and TV Charity funds in the future?

Yes, if you’re awarded a grant through this scheme you will still be able to apply for support from the charity in the future.


I have submitted an application but I no longer need the support and wish to withdraw my application.

Please email [email protected] to let us know you wish to withdraw your application. Please put ‘Withdraw Application’ in the subject line and ensure you include your name, date of birth and NI number so we can identify your application.


I have submitted an application but my circumstances have changed and I need to update my application.

Unfortunately applications cannot be edited once submitted. However, if you do need to change some details on your application you can resubmit your application and we will only consider your latest application form.

I applied for your support grants but was pointed towards this fund, if I am not successful can I reapply for the support grant?

Not at the moment. All our funding for the Covid-19 pandemic is being awarded via our two targeted funds – the Emergency Relief Fund and the Repayable Grant Scheme.  However, as long as this crisis continues, we will continue offering support and will seek to run additional rounds of funding.


If I get turned down for support can I appeal?

The decision of the charity is final. Unfortunately, we cannot enter into correspondence about funding decisions. However, if you’re unhappy with the way the charity has dealt with your application and you wish to make a complaint please email [email protected].


Will you do further rounds of this funding in the future?

No one knows how long this Covid-19 pandemic will continue to impact us but, as long as this crisis continues, we will seek to continue offering support.


If I get turned down, can I apply again in the future?

Yes, if you’re turned down on this occasion you will be welcome to apply again for any Covid-19 or other charity funding schemes. Please note that different schemes have different eligibility criteria.


We will continue to add to these FAQ’s if we find there are questions that are coming up regularly. If you can’t find the answer to your questions here please call our Support Line on 0800 054 0000 and select Option 1 to get through to our dedicated advice line. Alternatively, you can email our team here.