The Benefits Of Fundraising

Become a Film & Television Charity fundraiser and discover the benefits of fundraising for a great cause that supports emerging talent and helps our team support those in the Film and TV industry who are experiencing difficulties.

Here are some of the benefits of fundraising for us.

Get out of your comfort zone and push yourself

Raising much-needed funds for a good cause is a great way to motivate yourself to take on and complete new challenges. When you know the money raised goes directly to those who most need it, you have a powerful incentive to push yourself out of your comfort zone and achieve something really memorable that you’ll be proud of.

Give back

It’s no coincidence that some of our most valued fundraisers have also received support from our team in the past. So many see the chance to join our fundraising team as a way of giving back and helping others who may now find themselves in the same situation. There is nothing more satisfying knowing your fundraising efforts are helping those who were once in your shoes.

Bring your family, friends and colleagues together

Everything is better when you do it as a team. One of the biggest benefits of taking on a fundraising event is the chance to do it with friends, family and colleagues and make it into a fun, challenging experience. Training together, raising money together and completing the challenge together makes for memorable moments to treasure while raising money for a great cause.

Recognition for your hard work

We know you’re making a big commitment when you choose us as your preferred charity and we love showing our appreciation. When you become part of The Film & Television Charity fundraising team, with your consent, we’ll acknowledge your hard work in raising much-needed money for our support team through our publicity channels wherever we can to thank you for your commitment.

  • Choose your challenge or event and become a Film & Television Charity fundraiser today. Contact our fundraising support team and we’ll give you all the advice and help you need right here. START A FUNDRAISING ENQUIRY