How We Will Help

Become a Film & Television Charity fundraiser and we’ll give you all the support you’ll ever need.

If you’ve run an event or raised money for charity before, you will already know there are often some challenges in gaining awareness for your event and reaching potential sponsors.

The more attention you gain, the more sponsors you reach and the easier it becomes to win pledges of funds. With so many other fundraising events vying for attention, it can sometimes be tricky cutting through the noise.

When you join our team of fundraisers, we’ll use all our resources to give your fundraising challenge or event as much as exposure as possible.

Here’s what we’ll do to help your event:

Our fundraising team supports you all the way

Not sure what event to do or the best way to run a challenge? Our fundraising team knows exactly how to run your event to gain the most awareness and raise the most amount of money. When you choose us as your fundraising cause, you’ll get support from the fundraising team who can help you with choosing, running and promoting your event.

Support of our PR and events teams

The Film & Television Charity has a PR and events team who have expertise in running and publicising events and activities. What they don’t know about attracting the attention of potential sponsors and the press isn’t worth knowing. When you become a fundraiser you will receive the support from the relevant teams who can help publicise your event and give advice on how to maximise coverage.

Publicity across our network

With a presence online and across our social media channels, we have a wide reach through which we can help promote your event. Additionally, many key media contacts and journalists follow our social channels. When you raise money with us, we’ll ensure you receive publicity through every relevant channel.

Recognition of your hard work after the event

Of course, we’ll give you a huge thank you for your hard work and dedication when you’ve completed your event. Keep promoting your fundraising cause – even after the event – as even more people will donate. We know how important it is to keep up the momentum with fundraising so we’ll help you keep it going.

Ready to get started? Register your event with us now and let’s begin the process here.