Why Fundraise For Us?

We know how important it is for you to choose the right charity for your fundraising efforts

As a fundraiser, you dedicate your time and effort to push yourself and raise money for a good cause. And you’re asking friends, family and colleagues to support you.

That’s why we make it simple and easy to raise money for The Film & Television Charity, through the great support we offer as being part of our fundraising team.

We’d love you to choose The Film & Television Charity as your next good cause, so here’s a few reasons why you may want to fundraise for us:

You’re helping support the next generation of Film & TV talent

Through our awards, we help bring through the next generation of filmmakers, script writers, production crew and individuals with the talent and skills to make it in the industry. By funding projects or providing a small amount of financial assistance or targeted career advice, we’re able to give Film & TV talent the chance to shine.

You’re helping us support those who are experiencing difficulties

Our work supports those individuals before, during and after their career in the Film and Television industry who may find themselves in a challenging situation. By its nature, those working in the Film and TV industry can find situations changing very quickly and throwing up difficulties, in their personal or professional life.

Our team provide support those who experience sudden, unexpected challenges in their lives or find themselves needing help to get back into work or continue their career.

We help hundreds of individuals and their families each year through our support network across the UK and money raised for The Film & Television Charity goes right to where it’s needed.

You’re supporting the future of the Film and TV industry

The UK has one of the most dynamic and successful Film and TV sectors in the world. The quality and reputation of our film and television industry is world class. From high profile TV productions through to blockbuster Hollywood movies, producers and studios want UK talent working on their projects.

But none of those would ever get to the screen without the hard work of skilled and talented members of the Film and TV industry who dedicate their careers to bringing the screen to life.

By raising money for us, you help us support those who make the Film and TV industry what it is and allow us to help those individuals and their families when they need support.

Download our fundraising support pack

Ready to get started? Download our fundraising support pack for ideas on how to running a fundraising event here.