Why Work With The Film & Television Charity?

The Film & TV industry is an amazing place to work in. It can inspire, educate, challenge and emotionally connect with those who work in the industry and reach out to consumer audiences like no other medium.

Over 300,000 people in the UK contribute to a dynamic and vibrant Film & and TV industry, two-thirds of whom are self-employed.

The Film & TV industry offers a high profile platform for our corporate partners to raise awareness and reach out to new and existing audiences.

Partner with The Film & TV Charity and you can also reach out to our audience and supporters while motivating your employees, customers and stakeholders to raise money for a good cause.

Your partnership can help us support those who have dedicated their lives to Film & TV, and are either experiencing difficult times or who need the opportunity of a springboard for their career.

Benefits of corporate partnership

Every business and brand is unique so is every corporate partnership we develop is different.

We create bespoke and tailored packages to ensure that each partnership is successful. We’re mindful of your commercial and CSR objectives and we develop partnerships that align with ours and your value.

For example, the BFI recently became a principle partner of our new Film & TV Support Line. A three-year commitment to help us reach out to everyone in the industry that in need of someone to talk to both day or night.


Another way to support us is through fundraising.

Encouraging your employees to fundraise is a great way to motivate and bring together your staff and community. By raising money for The Film & Television Charity, you can tap into our love of film, television and cinema while raising money for a great cause.

Select us as your Charity of the Year and you can help to raise money and awareness of our

work, as well as inspiring your staff, team and customers in the long term.

You can find ideas of how you can raise money at work by downloading our fundraising support pack.

Please get in touch with us at to discuss a bespoke package that will allow you and your staff to help those people who work in film and TV in the best way possible.