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Join us and make a difference to the lives of people working behind the scenes in the UK film, TV and cinema industry.

Our partners play an instrumental role in our mission to provide support to individuals across film, TV, and cinema, helping them navigate life’s challenges.

If your organisation shares our commitment to making the industry a happy, healthy place where everyone can thrive, and you wish to demonstrate your support, please get in touch.

Easy ways your company can partner with us today

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    Industry Friends 

    Help the people working behind the scenes in film, TV, and cinema by signing up to support the Charity financially. Show your staff, the industry, and the world that you’re a part of our mission to build a kinder, better industry. Without our corporate supporters, we wouldn’t be able to provide help to those in our industry who desperately need it.

Corporate supporters

Your company’s support, no matter the scale, can truly make a difference to the lives of people working behind the scenes, that why we make sure to recognise all our corporate supporters on our website.

If becoming an Industry Friend isn’t an option for you right now, you can still support us with a donation.

We at See-Saw are an Industry Friend of the Film and TV Charity, which means that we make an annual donation. We direct people to their free resources on all of our productions, so I feel that it’s our responsibility to make sure we’re contributing to keep those services running. 
Sam Joly, Head of Marketing and Publicity at SeeSaw Films 

Industry Leaders

Join other industry leaders who are supporting people behind the scenes.

A montage of a selection of the Film and TV Charities Industry Friends' logos. BBC, Channel 4, ITV Studios, Paramount, Warner Bros. Discovery, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, BBC Studios, Sky and Prime Video.

Our Principal Partners

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From partnerships to donations, there are plenty of ways you can get involved and help us support the film, TV and cinema community. 

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