The Benefits Of Volunteering

We hope you choose to become a volunteer for The Film & Television Charity knowing that giving up your time and energy is helping those individuals and families who really need support.

Here’s just a few more benefits of becoming a volunteer:

Use your talents skills and expertise for a great cause

When you’re good at something, you never feel like it’s work. Your passion or expertise may not even be part of your work, but by volunteering you have a chance to use your skills and expertise to help people who really need it. Maybe you’re a natural-born organiser or you’re great at talking to others. Whatever your talents, we’d love to have you on board.

A chance to give  back

Many of our most dedicated volunteers have also been in a position where they received support from us at some point in their career. They know first-hand how it feels to be in that situation. We have volunteers working throughout the charity and across the country. Being part of the volunteer team is a way to give back.

Develop new skills

Another great benefit to becoming a volunteer is being able to work alongside others who have expertise from which you can learn. You have the opportunity to gain experience in areas you have not tried before as well as gain new skills and talents that will serve you in your career and in life.

Be part of a team

Many of our volunteers sign up to help because they want to dedicate their time and effort to a great cause. However, many come back again and again because of the community and the positive feeling that comes from working in a team. There really is nothing better than when you have a team of like-minded people around you and you achieve something for a common goal together.

Meet new people

One of the best things about the Film and TV sector is its colourful cast of characters in every part of in the industry. Many people you will meet may have interesting stories to learn from and through volunteering you will also encounter those with experience and knowledge they love to share.