The Skills We Need

What we look for in a volunteer

Enthusiasm and dedication for the Film & Television Charity

You’ll need to demonstrate that you have the passion for the charity’s aims, strategic direction and values. Voluntary work experience of some kind will be a great way to show this.

Team-working and people skills

Are you a good team player? We work in very small teams and a collaborative approach to tasks will be essential. We work with range of stakeholders. Your ability to friendly but professional in approach and conduct will be of paramount importance. We wish to treat all people we come in to conduct with respect.

Communication skills: oral and written

Much of the charity’s work can be measured by our ability to spread an effective message. Regardless of what role you apply to, you’ll need to communicate with people both within a charity and externally and so you’ll need to make sure your communications are top notch. You’ll be a can do person who can adapt to new situations and teams.

Administrative and organisational skills

Like many a role, you’ll need to be a natural organiser. There might be set processes that you have to follow or they’ll be times where you’ll be working under pressure and you’ll need to make sure you’ve covered the nuts and bolts part of your work with aplomb.

Commercial / business awareness

Charities need money to work – and we need people who have the confidence to work with budgets and funders. You’ll need to be aware of what might affect a charity’s ability to raise the necessary funds. You’ll need to be savvy as to how external factors might affect the sector.

Pro-activity and flexibility

You’ll be a can do person who can adapt to new situations and teams. You’ll be someone who can happily go from working intensively at your desk one day, to visiting people in their homes the next day or assisting on a charity event at the weekend.

Willingness to undertake routine jobs

All jobs come with the fair share of admin. We’d love to say they didn’t, but it’s a universal truth and due to the accountability required by many charities, it can seem that more exists in this sector.

You’ll need to be someone who, from time to time, respects why certain processes are in place.  Of course you might find them frustrating, but they do exist for a reason.

Think you fit the bill?

Please email volunteer@filmtvcharity.org.uk for more information on how you can volunteer today!