Financial support

From one-off grants to help you in a crisis, to useful tools like our budget planner and benefits calculator. 
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The cost-of-living crisis and production downturn has added to existing financial worries and concerns already being felt by many industry workers. But with support, information, and resources specifically for people working in film, TV, or cinema, we can help you find the right financial help, from one-off grants to help you in a crisis, to useful tools like our budget planner and benefits finder.

Money and mental health

We know that there is a strong link between financial hardship and poor mental health. If you are at risk, or experiencing a mental health emergency, you can get help now and access immediate support.

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Talk to someone right now

If you need urgent support, our free and confidential 24-hour Support Line is here for you.

Call 0800 054 0000

Apply for a grant

If your finances are holding you back, we’re here to support you. If you work behind the scenes in film, TV or cinema, then you may be eligible for one of our grants.

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    Stop Gap Grant 

    Grants are generally no more than £500, although we may consider requests up to £750 at our discretion.

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    Sir Horace Ové Grant 

    Grants of up to £500 to help Black and Global Majority people to access opportunity and navigate barriers to career progression.

Financial tools and resources

When it comes to financial advice, it can be tricky to navigate all of the information and support available. We’ve created a list of useful financial resources that are designed to be specific and helpful for people working in film, TV, and cinema. 

We have also partnered with MoneyHelper to provide a range of practical tools to help improve your financial wellbeing. Use our resources to help you take control of your finances by learning how to budget, save, and prioritise your bills. 

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    Managing your money 

    Gain a better understanding of how to manage your money and improve your finances by using our Budget Planner and Bill Prioritiser.

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    Find out about benefits and grants that are relevant for you. If your household income is less than £40k per year, you could be missing out on extra support.

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    Cost-of-living crisis 

    Read our tips, advice, and tools to help you cope with the rising cost of living, from information about energy bills to everyday savings and discount vouchers.

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    The Spring Budget: how does this impact you? 

    Following the release of the Spring Budget, we’ve pulled together a summary of all the changes, including how you’ll be impacted as someone working in film, TV, and cinema.

Further advice and support

Freelancers can have greater financial security with an additional benefits package through IPSE.

Find out more about support available to help with the cost of living and discover ways to save money with practical energy saving tips.

Read their helpful cost-of-living guide, including over 90 ways to save cash to help you get through the current crisis.

Contact Step Change for information, advice and support on dealing with debt.

Contact CAP for free money and debt advice.

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