Cost-of-living crisis

Tips, advice and tools to help you cope with the rising cost of living 

We know that the cost-of-living crisis has had a big impact on film, TV, and cinema workers, and we’re doing all we can to provide support and advice. 

The phrase cost-of-living crisis’ refers to a period of economic shock caused by the cost of everyday essentials increasing very quickly. This crisis has had a greater impact on people with lower incomes, including many workers across the film, television, and cinema industry. 

There is a lot of advice from various sources about how to navigate the cost-of-living crisis, but sifting through all of the available information can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled some simple steps to help industry workers cope with the rising cost of living. 

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    Financial support 

    Find the right financial support, tools and resources for you, from one-off grants to help you in a crisis, to tools to help you manage your finances, like our Budget Planner.

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    Our experienced and empathetic team can give you immediate advice as well as more intensive guidance, including quick access to counselling and bullying and harassment advice and support.

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    You can access free Legal Advice through our Support Line. Our experienced team can give immediate advice on legal topics including family law, housing, personal injury and company law.

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