Problems at work

Support and advice to help you in the workplace with issues such as bullying, discrimination, and legal concerns. 
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Working in the film, TV, and cinema industry can come with its own unique challenges. But if you’re experiencing problems at work, there’s a range of ways we can help.

From our Bullying Advice Service to the legal advice you can access through our Support Line, we can provide you with emotional support, practical advice and information to help you navigate issues you might be experiencing at work. 

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Talk to someone right now

If you need urgent support, our free and confidential 24-hour Support Line is here for you.

Call 0800 054 0000

Support with problems at work

  • A woman is sat with her back to the camera. She is talking to another person who is sat facing her, paying attention to what she is saying.

    Bullying and harrassment 

    Information and guidance on what you can do if you experience bullying or harassment in the workplace, including how to book an appointment with our bullying adviser.

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    Useful information to help you understand what your rights are, what you can do, or where to go for support if you’re experiencing discrimination.

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    Legal advice 

    Access legal advice on a range of personal and professional issues, including employment law, personal injury, company law, finance, and family law.

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Mentally healthy productions

We have created the Whole Picture Toolkit to help support people at all levels of production, and to guide managers and senior creative leaders in looking after the mental health of crew members.

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