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You can access free legal advice through our Film and TV Support Line 
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Our free legal advice service

We offer free, expert legal advice for anyone working behind the scenes in film, TV, and cinema. 

If you would like to access this, please call us on 0800 054 0000.

Whether you’re a researcher or a writer, in casting or production, editing or sales, distribution or exhibition, one of our friendly team members will be able to help you. 

As with all of our services, our legal advice is free and confidential. 

Through the Support Line you can get immediate advice on the following areas: 

  • Family law – Divorce process, childcare arrangements, cohabitation rights, mediation, parental responsibility. 
  • Employment law – Informal processes, mediation, grievances, appeals. 
  • Housing – Landlord and tenant disputes, leasehold and freehold liabilities, evictions, bailiffs, disputes with local authorities and housing associations. 
  • Wills and probate – Will writing information (we do not provide a will writing service, but we can talk through different options available), contesting a will and understanding legal will terminology. 
  • Civil litigation – Disputes between individuals, small, fast track and multi-track claims. 
  • Consumer law – Rights and obligations after purchasing products or services. 
  • Company law – Rights and liabilities for companies and individual company owners. 
  • Criminal law – Rights following arrest, understanding potential offence sanctions and court processes. 
  • Motoring – Insurance disputes, parking fines including private and council, speeding fines, DVLA requirements. 
  • Medical negligence – Duty of care, breach of duty, causation, damages, court action. 
  • Personal injury – Vicarious liability, elements for a valid personal injury claim, court action. 
  • Education – School admissions, appeals, complaints, nursery fees. 
  • Healthcare and eldercare – Power of attorney, deputyship, care fees, choosing a care home. 
  • Debt – Dealing with creditors, debtors, bailiffs, CCJs. 
  • Finance – Legislation regarding credit protection, ISAs, and Tax information 
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Access free legal advice

As with all of our services, our legal advice is free and confidential. 

Call 0800 054 0000

Legal Tuesdays – Video series on legal issues

We have also teamed up with media and entertainment lawyer, James Whitaker, to provide you with a series of bitesize videos on key legal issues.

Watch the eight videos on our YouTube channel, and learn more about the following areas: 

  1. Copyright 
  2. Dealing with copyright – key issues 
  3. Dealing with copyright – assignment and licensing 
  4. The importance of contracts 
  5. Chain of title – what is it, and why is it important? 
  6. Commonly encountered agreements – part 1 
  7. Commonly encountered agreements – part 2 
  8. The importance of insurance 
As with most things, awareness is key, so I hope that this brief introductory series will help those working in the industry, and particularly those starting out, to navigate some of those issues, and identify the potential pitfalls.
James Whitaker, Media and Entertainment Lawyer 

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