Confidence Booster

Try our three confidence boosting exercises, designed to support industry workers who are facing barriers caused by a lack of confidence 

Boosting your confidence

A lack of confidence can affect all of us, both in our personal and professional lives. For some this can sometimes hold people back from excelling in their careers. 

Examples of this include: 

  • Feeling unsure about how to ask for support when you are struggling. 
  • Rapid promotion without gaining management training along the way.
  • And apprehension about stepping back into the industry after taking time out.

In 2022 we ran our pilot Confidence Booster Programme, designed to support industry workers who were facing barriers caused, or made worse, by a lack of confidence. 

Following the success of the programme, we’d like to share with you three Confidence Boosting exercises, from our Confidence Booster coach, Kate Maxwell

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Try these three Confidence Boosting exercises from Kate Maxwell:

Exercise One

This activity invites you to collect feedback from various parts of your life, look at the strengths revealed and adjust your self-perception to be more positive.

Exercise Two

This exercise will look at internal validation, and how by gaining an understanding of what this and how it impacts you, you can improve your own overall levels of confidence. Be mindful that you will need to have completed the other two exercises before attempting this one.

Exercise Three

Watch below a webinar with Kayleigh Llewellyn

BAFTA-winning writer and producer of In My Skin’ and Film and TV Charity beneficiary, opens up about how her confidence has developed over the years.

If you want to go deeper and have more support building your confidence levels, coaching is an excellent way to do this. 

Look for coaches who have undergone reputable training and are linked with one of the main coaching bodies: the International Coaching Federation, the European Mentoring and Coaching Council or the Assocation for Coaching. You can also get in touch with me to explore working together. I can also suggest coaches in my network. 

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