Support for organisations

Support and resources for employers and managers to help build a happier, healthier industry for everyone. 
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Building a healthier, more inclusive industry means providing support to the organisations who deal with the challenges identified in our Looking Glass research

When organisations have resources in place to support their employees, it makes work better for everyone. Talented people feel happier and therefore less likely to leave their job, or the industry, because of stress. By working together, we can create a more productive workplace.

We provide a range of tools to help organisations in the film, TV, and cinema industry to uphold healthy working practices, from our Whole Picture Toolkit for mentally healthy productions, to practical resources to deal with key issues such as bullying, harrassment, and discrimination.

Tools and resources for organisations

Some of these issues are complex and appropriate training is key. You might need support from HR professionals or legal experts to meet your team’s needs. They can provide the necessary support and guidance.

  • A camera operator is standing behind a camera set up for an outside broadcast on the side-lines of a football pitch. They are tracking football players that are on the pitch mid-game.

    The Whole Picture Toolkit, for mentally healthy productions 

    Our free, easy to use resource supports the mental health and wellbeing of people working at every stage of production.

  • Production Manager is holding a walkie talkie. She is looking at the crew. In the background, there is a jib-mounted camera operator.

    Dealing with reports of bullying, harassment and discrimination 

    Information and resources to help managers and senior leaders respond to reports of bullying, harassment, and discrimination.

  • A male video editor is sat to a desk in an edit suite. In front of him is a blank screen with editor software open. He is holding his phone, looking through a list of messages.

    Wellbeing advice for employers 

    Advice and links to sources of information that could be useful if you need to support a member of staff experiencing poor mental health.

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    Download our latest flyers, posters, logos, and other Film and TV Charity resources to use on your production or in your offices.

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