Wellbeing advice for employers

Help with creating a supportive environment 

Our 2022 Looking Glass Survey revealed that 83% of respondents feel that industry culture has a negative affect on their wellbeing. But it also pointed to signs of hope, with 38% of people saying that they feel the industry is capable of providing support, compared to 30% in the previous survey.

We know that managers are often stretched when it comes to supporting their teams. Having to deliver to tight timeframes, when working with inflexible budgets and in unpredictable circumstances can make prioritising wellbeing a challenge.

To help, we have put together some resources that can contribute to the creation of a supportive environment and start important conversations around wellbeing and mental health.

On this page you will find:

  • Industry resources to help you create a supportive environment
  • Details of other organisations who provide helpful guidance to support wellbeing at work
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Talk to someone right now

If you, or someone you work with, needs urgent support, our free and confidential 24-hour Support Line is here for you.

Call 0800 054 0000

Industry resources to help you create a supportive environment

Other organisations who provide helpful guidance on supporting wellbeing at work

Support available for you

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    Mental Health and Wellbeing 

    Our trained team has lots of experience and can give you discreet advice. We can help with grief counselling, bullying and harassment advice and support.

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    The Whole Picture Toolkit 

    We have created the Whole Picture Toolkit to support people at all levels of production, and to support Managers and Senior Creative leaders to look after their team’s mental health.