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A supportive film and TV community that works together to make our industry work better.

We’re the charity working behind the scenes of the UK film, TV and cinema industry. From research to writing, through casting and production, to editing, sales, distribution and exhibition, we support the lives of everyone involved.

In 2024 the Film and TV Charity will mark an historic centenary of supporting people in the film, TV and cinema industry. In 2018 we embarked on a journey of reinvigorating the charity to better meet the needs of our beneficiaries – the 180,000 people working in the industry. In 2019 we began our work in mental health, and in 2020 we supported over 7,000 people through Covid.

Today, in 2021, we have a refreshed vision which imagines a TV and film community which works together to make work in our brilliant industry, better. We want every individual to be fully valued and supported, and believe this benefits us all and the industry as a whole.  We imagine a future where we could offer everyone working in film, TV and cinema a place to belong. A community that everyone is a member of, from the moment they join the industry.

We offer everyone working in TV and film a community to belong to, and we want to make work better.

1- We offer a helping hand to the people working behind the scenes. We are building an inclusive industry community that is here to support you through your career and every day.

2- We catalyse change to address the challenges and inequalities faced by the people who are the heart of our industry. We amplify under-represented voices, advocate for better work, and take action.

To achieve this ambition we have set out a 2030 strategy and a new mission and model for the Film and TV Charity.  This strategy delivers unique and exceptional impact, and is complementary to the work of our friends and partners around the industry with whom we share audiences and aims.

Our people are essential to the success of the strategy.

While we carry forwards significant expertise from the existing organisation, the new strategy creates a number of exciting new roles for people who love film and television, and really want to make a difference in our industry.

This is why we are seeking a recruitment partner to work with us on a programme of work to find c.10 new team members. While there are a variety of roles, every person who joins our team will bring positive energy to our mission, put our beneficiaries (the people who work in film and TV) first, and always act with empathy and respect.  

We are committed to providing equal opportunities for everyone regardless of their background. We acknowledge that people from certain backgrounds are under-represented in the industry and within the third sector and we are committed to doing what we can to correct this. We will therefore be particularly keen to receive applications to this ITT and in the recruitment programme itself from people of colour; people with disabilities; people who identify as being LGTBQIA; people who have a mental health condition; and people who identify as working class now or in the past. We are always happy to make adjustments to support individuals.

Deadline for proposals: 17.00 on Friday 25th June 2021


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