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John Brabourne Awards

For many years, The Film and TV Charity has been privileged to oversee and administer the John Brabourne Awards, and we are so proud of the many JBA winners who have gone on to achieve great success in the film and TV industry.

In recent months, however, we have been reviewing our discrete grants programme and have taken the decision that the alignment of the John Brabourne name with a single award will come to an end.

Instead, we will be offering high value grants to those in greatest need as part of our always-on core service, with financial support enhanced by new wraparound wellbeing and practical support so that we are best placed to help individuals move forward in the industry. Our hope is that a shift to accessible support 365 days of the year means we will be able to help much larger proportion of those experiencing challenges that may be preventing them from reaching their full potential. This aim is further enhanced by the fact that 30% of all our grants budgets are now ring-fenced for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic applicants and 15% are ring-fenced for disabled applicants.

We would like to thank John Brabourne and the Knatchbull family for their incredible and generous support of the JBAs. It has been our great honour to work with them and we look forward to a continued relationship with the family and our JBA alumni for many years to come. The Knatchbulls remain committed to John Brabourne’s vision for the Awards, and they hope to share new developments of their own soon. We will do everything we can to support the family’s vision into the future.

To find out more about our available grants programmes, please click here. We will also be making announcements about new and further evolved grants programmes soon.

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