Let’s Reset

It's time to rethink mental health in TV and film industry

Can we change our industry for the better? By working together, of course we can!

People in the film and TV industry are passionate about their craft, but their mental health is too often being strained to breaking point. Unhealthy working hours, bad practices, bullying, racism, harassment, and ableism are too common in an industry we all love, and all of us have a role to play in speaking up to create change.

It’s time to come together and reset.

The Let’s Reset campaign is an opportunity to ensure individuals are made aware of the support that’s available and for everyone in the industry, from freelancers to senior leaders, to bring their own commitments to supporting themselves and others.


Inspired? How to get involved

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What can I do for myself and others?

Explore and take full advantage of all the different support services and resources we bring you — from our 24/7 Support Line to our Freelancer Hub, Financial Grants and Wellbeing Directory.

Boost your wellbeing

If you’re particularly stressed or just not yourself right now, you’re not alone

The right support for you

Our experienced team to bring you practical, financial or emotional support

Improve freelance life

Here you’ll find lots of ways to help you take care of your most important business asset – YOU!

Pick up the phone 24/7

Get in touch, we’re at the end of the phone

Stand against bullying

If it’s happened to you or you’ve seen it happen to others, we're here to support you

Don’t forget, Screenskills offers training to support your development. Also, BECTU members have access to further support, too.

Make a difference as an organisation

Represent an organisation? A cultural reset is underway in wider society to better understand and support mental health. Help us to bring this to our industry by seeing what you can do within your team.

It’s exciting that forward-thinking organisations in the industry are standing with us and determined to change things for the better.

Drop us a line to get the creative toolkit

Find out more about the Let’s Reset campaign, to receive our creative assets, and to find out how you can support the mental health and wellbeing of your colleagues.

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