We Are Encouraging Employers to ‘Listen, Acknowledge, Act’ to Tackle Bullying & Harassment

We’ve responded to data from its most recent Looking Glass survey, which highlighted that nearly half of managers who had dealt with complaints of bullying and harassment didn’t feel appropriately skilled to do so, with the development of new guidance and resources to support them.

Listen, Acknowledge, Act – Bullying Support for Employers complements our existing Bullying Advice Service for individuals experiencing bullying.  We wanted to give employees the confidence that their complaints will be heard and managed appropriately. The new guidance provides managers with the advice and skills needed to deal with incidences of bullying and harassment.

The New Bullying and Harassment Resources

The guidance and resources are broken down into three distinct sections:

  • Listen: practical advice about Active Listening and the provision of meaningful support
  • Acknowledge: how bystanders and managers can create an anti-bullying culture in the workplace and ensure people feel heard
  • Act: guidance around the appropriate course of action for employers, according to the perceived level of risk

HR and legal advisers as well as mental health, and industry experts have fed into the development of this campaign.

Helping employees to feel empowered to tackle bullying

The Listen, Acknowledge, Act guidance is housed within a new dedicated section on our website titled, Support for Employers. Aimed at providing support for HR leads and Line Managers, Support for Employers will also contain:

Justine Walton, Bullying Service Adviser said:

A portrait headshot of Justine Walton, the lead for the Bullying and Harassment guidance. She has dark brown hair and she is looking directly at the camera and smiling.

Bullying, and the workplace culture that too often enables it, is still far too prevalent across the industry and our research shows that too many managers and people in positions of authority feel ill-equipped to navigate what can often be incredibly complex issues. Advocating a zero-tolerance approach to bullying and harassment is critical, and we hope that ‘Listen, Acknowledge, Act’ encapsulates the practical steps managers can apply, offering them a collaborative and solutions-driven way of navigating and addressing areas of conflict. Bullying and harassment are insidious attacks on the wellbeing of people working in film and TV, but the determination to change the narrative is clear and these steps are an important part of the solution.”

How We Are Encouraging Employers To Tackle Bullying & Harassment

To launch the ‘Listen, Acknowledge, Act’ guidance, targeted content and ads across LinkedIn and Twitter will support a round of industry engagement and outreach that focuses on our  Mental Health Taskforce as well as other key stakeholders and industry bodies.

The campaign will also pre-empt a series of discursive videos featuring managers, senior leaders, including Patrick Holland, CEO of Banijay UK, Emma Butt, Freelance Dubbing Mixer and Faraz Osman, Managing Director at Gold Wala, and other industry figures who have taken part in a series of roundtable discussions to flag many of the issues ‘Listen, Acknowledge, Act’ seeks to address.

Meanwhile, the existing Bullying Advice Service will continue to support individuals experiencing bullying, harassment, or discrimination. Everyone working behind the scenes in film, TV, and cinema can access confidential, one-on-one appointments. Our friendly, Bullying Adviser, Justine Walton, will be there to help you to take the next steps.

You can access additional advice and resources here, including tailored signposting to industry bodies and other sources of support.

If you want urgent support, book an appointment through the Support Line or by clicking here.