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Film & Television Charity are supporting creative development agency Northern Film + Media to help advance the next generation of television and film crew with the nationwide rollout of their new ‘Open Horizons’ initiative.

Open Horizons is the senior tier of the Creative Skillset backed NFM Academy, which has supported over 500 new entrants to the industry since its launch in 2015.

Aimed at earlier career professionals with at least two years of experience who want to progress their careers, Open Horizons aims to counteract geographical disadvantage by providing individual expert-led skills development to assess and further participants’ careers. Those taking part will also receive a combination of opportunities for set visits and mentoring, along with financial support for travel to interviews and bursaries for work experience and placements.

Rachel Hillman, Director of Grants and Programme Development at the Film & Television Charity, commented: “Ours is a wonderful, world beating creative industry but we hear so often from the people we help how hard it is to get a break so we’re excited to be backing the Open Horizons initiative. We hope it will help open up opportunities not only to help talent flourish but strengthen our screen industries as a whole.”

Like the NFM Academy, Open Horizons is designed to maximise the availability of the best new talent for our screen industries by ensuring that new entrants from production ‘cold-spots’ within the UK are helped to identify and seize opportunities to build a career.

The initiative is unusual in being free to access and offering paid placements to help ensure that those entering the industry represent wider society. At the same time, it aims to benefit productions by taking the pain out of identifying the best emerging talent, while ensuring that that talent is prepared professionally, interpersonally and ethically to operate within the industry to the highest standards.

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