Better mental health behind the scenes

Your donations will go towards creating a healthier working environment.

For almost 100 years we’ve supported the visionary people working behind the scenes in UK film, TV and cinema.

We’re committed to making it a happier, healthier place for everyone to work and thanks to your support we’re able to help colleagues when mental health problems are affecting their lives and build towards a movement for change, we’ll be working with the industry as well as individuals from around film, TV and cinema who are helping change the industry for the better.

What you’re helping build new services

In 2020 we conducted research to look at the experiences of people who work in film, TV and cinema. The outcomes showed that the scale of the problem faced by our industry is beyond what we could have imagined – 9 in 10 of you have experienced a mental health problem.

The personal stories and underlying causes, from a culture of bullying to lack of control over working hours, have inspired the industry’s commitment to this programme of change. We’ll be working together to roll out new services and resources.

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We’re looking forward to working with others across the industry who share our concerns. And we’ll keep listening to you. There will be opportunities for you to get involved, help us shape the outcomes and have a say in the future of your industry.

Take action to improve mental wellbeing

There are no quick fixes for the complex causes of our industry’s poor mental health.

We must all work together to tackle the issues we uncovered and embed change at every level of our industry, from writing to carpentry, commissioning to exhibition.

If you or someone you know has been experiencing poor mental health, you can contact our free 24-hour Support Line on 0800 054 0000 or via chat on Anyone working behind the scenes can receive free counselling, legal advice or anti-bullying services.

You can watch our series of Mindful Monday’s a collaboration with us and Mind.  The brilliant Emma Mamo talks through tips for Freelancers, Managers and more. Watch the first episode here.