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Research and impact

We’re committed to improving the industry for everyone 

Supporting people working behind the scenes in film, TV, and cinema isn’t just about providing services that can help, it’s also about making working life better. 

Everything we do is based on evidence and insight. Our in-depth research is conducted to get beneath the headlines in order to bring the whole industry together to take meaningful action.

For example, the Whole Picture Programme was launched in October 2020, with support from an incredible range of industry organisations. This was an urgent response to the industry’s mental health crisis that was uncovered in our 2019 Looking Glass survey. One outcome from this programme was our Whole Picture Toolkit for mentally healthy productions. 

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Mentally healthy productions

Our Whole Picture Toolkit helps support people at all levels of production, and guides managers and senior creative leaders in looking after the mental health of crew members.

Our research and latest reports

We conduct regular research to help us understand the industry and shine a light on the issues and challenges affecting the film, TV, and cinema workforce.

Our research helps to create an evidence base for the Charity’s work – for example in the development of new services, resources, campaigns, and initiatives – and also for use by others in the industry trying to drive positive change.

  • Survey of Arab, Jewish and Muslim colleagues 

    Understanding experiences relating to the conflict in Israel and Gaza on and after 7th October 2023

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    Money Matters Report 

    Understanding the finances and financial resilience of film, TV, and cinema industry workers

  • A camera operator is standing in a dimly lit studio space. There is a light shining from behind them which is silhouetting them.

    Looking Glass 22 Report 

    The 2022 edition of our landmark study of mental health and wellbeing among the industry workforce

Our impact

We are also working to improve the industry for those working behind the scenes by: 

  • Continuing to research mental health and wellbeing within our industry 
  • Teaming up with broadcasters, producers, studios and other industry bodies to challenge unhealthy working culture 
  • Examining the experience of Black and Global Majority colleagues to champion anti-racism in the industry and improve diversity and access to opportunity for under-represented groups


sensed a positive change in culture and behaviours year on year


financial grants provided over the last 2 years

Improving equity, diversity and inclusion

We are contributing to the creation of an inclusive, equitable, anti-racist industry where everyone can thrive. We’re investing £1m through our Impact Partnership Programme to develop support, resources, and access for Black and Global Majority industry workers.

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    Developing the Impact Partnership Programme 

    We’re investing £1m to develop support, resources, and access for Black and Global Majority industry workers.

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I think this charity is one of the best things that exists to help industry professionals. It works effectively and provides a very much needed support that the government is lacking. In an industry where we give the most and sacrifice a lot, with unfortunately not much protection or support, the Film and TV Charity is essential. 
Vaiva, Script writer 

Support us

There are loads of ways to get involved, from spreading the word about what we do through to partnering with us. But most of all, we rely on the generosity of individuals and organisations to make sure we’re able to offer industry workers somewhere to turn. 

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You’ll make a real difference to the people behind the scenes in film, TV and cinema who need it most.


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