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Understanding and improving the support we provide 
A camera operator, dressed all in black, is standing behind a camera that is standing on a tripod. They are filming a person that sitting on a sofa in an office waiting area.

Every year, we provide support to thousands of people in the film, TV, and cinema industry. Our goal is to help people out of need. 

As well as supporting individuals, we also work with the industry to try and change problematic behaviours, practices, and cultures – ways of working which are often at the root of the personal and professional challenges faced by people in the industry. By seeking to drive strategic change, we aim to help prevent problems from arising in the first place.

There are three longer-term outcomes that we’re trying to achieve through our work with individuals and the wider industry: 

  • To improve people’s financial, mental, physical and social wellbeing 
  • To enable equitable access to opportunities and to support retention of people in the industry, regardless of their background or circumstances 
  • That the industry values and champions healthy working practices and culture 

By achieving these outcomes, we want to ensure that people feel able to remain and thrive in the industry, regardless of their circumstances and background. 

However, in order to understand our effectiveness in creating meaningful changes – our impact – we need to measure and analyse everything we do. This involves setting clear, measurable objectives, collecting data on various indicators of achievement, and systematically evaluating the effects of our work. This allows us to understand how well we are serving those we support, highlighting areas of success and areas needing improvement. The insights we gain also inform our decision-making and strategic planning, ensuring that our range of activities is continually evolving to reflect the constantly changing needs of the people we support. 

We are working to embed a culture of impact and evaluation throughout every area of our activities. Most of this work is done in the background, but public-facing elements will include the publication of an annual Impact Review. 

Our impact journey is about understanding, evaluating, and improving and is a constant process of learning, adapting, and influencing. By embedding a culture of impact and evaluation, we are not just dreaming of a better future for the industry but actively shaping it. 

Demonstrating our impact

  • A female photographer is standing in a bright, white studio space. She is smiling and holding a DSLR camera with a field monitor attached to the hot shoe. Behind her is a studio light that is shining towards the camera.

    Developing the Impact Partnership Programme 

    We are investing £1m to develop support, resources, and access for Black and Global Majority industry workers.

  • Our journey to the Whole Picture Toolkit 

    Find out how we developed and launched the Whole Picture Toolkit, for mentally healthy productions.

Mental health and wellbeing support

From the development of our mental health and wellbeing support to our COVID relief funds during 2020, from our Community Grants to the creation of industry-leading practical tools like the Whole Picture Toolkit, there is a multitude of ways we’ve made a difference to the lives of people working behind the scenes in film, TV, and cinema.

Since April 2021 we’ve offered free access to 1,000+ counselling and legal advice sessions

More than 15,000 calls to our Support Line since it launched in 2018

3,500+ financial grants provided over the last two years

Since 2020 we have funded 43 Community Grants

We want everyone who supports us, or who might be thinking about asking for our help, to know the impact we can have.

Stories from behind the scenes

Freelance Director
Unit Manager
Natalie Chan
Film Producer

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