Our research and findings

Our research helps us understand the challenges being faced by people working in film, TV, and cinema and by the organisations they work for. It also helps us and others to develop evidence-led practical interventions to improve the industry. We work with organisations and individuals from across the industry and benefit from their input and insights at every stage of our work. 

The themes of our research work mirror the Charity’s focus on the mental, financial, and social wellbeing of people working behind the scenes in film, TV, and cinema. We are also keen to understand the composition of the industry workforce, filling in gaps in current understanding where possible, so that we and others can understand who our beneficiaries are and what their needs may be. 

Some of our work is based on analysing the results of the surveys we publish, and some is based on our examination of existing evidence. Occasionally it can take the form of provocative position pieces or in-depth qualitative interviews with stakeholders from across the industry workforce.

  • Looking Glass Survey 2024

    Together we can rewrite the script on mental health in film, TV, and cinema

    Published 19 June 2024 

  • Survey of Arab, Jewish and Muslim colleagues

    Understanding experiences relating to the conflict in Israel and Gaza on and after 7th October 2023

    Published 8 May 2024 

  • A young man is sat on a sofa. On his lap he has a laptop that he is attentively watching.

    Money Matters Report

    Understanding the finances and financial resilience of film, TV, and cinema industry workers

    Published 22 January 2024 

  • A camera operator is standing in a dimly lit studio space. There is a light shining from behind them which is silhouetting them.

    Looking Glass 22 Report

    The 2022 edition of our landmark study of mental health and wellbeing among the industry workforce

    Published 18 February 2023 

  • A woman sat on the floor in a living room wearing headphones and writing in a notebook. In front of her is a laptop and a pile of books.

    Mind-Craft Report

    The Mind-Craft report identifies the challenge of loneliness to the mental health of industry workers

    Published 28 October 2022 

  • A male boom operator is setting up their equipment. They are wearing cold weather gear whilst standing on an open bridge with a river below.

    Absent Friends report

    Modelling the youthful skew of those working in the film, TV, and cinema workforce, and shedding some light on the industry’s problems retaining older experienced workers

    Published 30 June 2022 

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