Jonny’s Story

The Travel Fund has helped Jonny launch a new venture


When Jonny Tull decided to set up on his own, The Film & Television Charity’s Going Places travel fund provided practical support with getting started.

After 22 years at Newcastle’s Tyneside Cinema, an organisational restructure provided the catalyst for Jonny to make the leap. He decided to take redundancy – together with his experience across cinema programming, marketing and fundraising – and begin a new venture.

He contacted The Film & Television Charity after hearing about Going Places, which helps connect people with the industry through grants for travel and accommodation costs.

“The fund was accessible and – more importantly – swift to turnaround which enabled me to get out and meet people, providing a crucial first step and confidence boost,” explains Jonny.

Support from the fund made it possible for Jonny attend the annual Slate Day at London’s Picturehouse Central and get a heads up on forthcoming releases.

“The Film & Television Charity’s support has been really valuable in these early days of going solo.”

To make the most of his trip, he also arranged to meet marketing agencies, attend a preview screening linked to a possible distribution project, and progress a production workshop he is developing.

Next in line was a ticket to Sheffield for the launch of a research project into specialised film audiences across the North, followed by the Independent Cinema Office Screening Days in Manchester and an exhibitors’ conference in Hull.

“The biggest thing for me was the uncertainty of setting out alone. It’s very daunting finding ways to remain visible when geography gets in your way,” says Jonny.

“The Film & Television Charity’s support has been really valuable in these early days of going solo. Attending industry events and the chance to tap into future opportunities through those conversations which happen around the edges is essential.”

Jonny is now working as an audience strategy, marketing and programming consultant across film exhibition and production and has already completed a number of successful projects.

As a direct result of his London trip, he is also exploring a move into distribution, “I was aware of The Film & Television Charity before but didn’t realise it offers opportunities for people making transitions or branching out to develop their career and connections in the industry. In this new stage of my professional life, this support continues to make a real difference.”

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