Mike’s Story

We supported Mike as he returned to work after being a carer


The Film & Television Charity has helped Mike Ogden get back on his feet, after he spent time caring for his parents and partner with terminal illness.

Mike was a camera operator with a parallel career as an award-winning short film maker, and ran a small production company in Manchester, developing scripts. When family members developed cancer within a short space of time, things became very difficult so Mike stepped out of the industry to become a full-time carer.

As he tried to return to work a few years later, he was having difficulties making ends meet. “I found myself at a bit of low ebb really,” he explains. “I’d had a very hard time and was now faced with starting again.”

“It’s nice to know there are people out there who do want to help.”

He knew about The Film & Television Charity but was reluctant to get in contact. After changes to the benefits system, he got to the point where he needed help and so got in touch, “I was surprised how quickly The Film & Television Charity responded,” says Mike, “It’s nice to know there are people out there who do want to help.” He was visited by a caseworker who arranged a monthly maintenance grant and who continues to provide support through regular update meetings.

“Since my partner died, I’ve been trying to build my future in a different way and that’s what The Film & Television Charity has given me a safety net to do,” Mike says.

The Film & Television Charity’s support has enabled him to develop a new film project and he is now looking for financing. “My partner always encouraged me to continue screenwriting and film-making. She knew it helped keep me from worse places and get me through. My new film comes out of this experience.”

No matter what your situation or how desperate you think it is, we can help. Don’t leave it too late. Reach out to us whichever way is best for you and let’s talk about the different kinds of support we can provide.