Zahra’s Story

A new project after we helped Zahra attend a workshop


When The Film & Television Charity supported Zahra to attend a workshop, it led to the beginning of an exciting new project and a move into documentary film-making.

For over 15 years, Zahra has run her own production company in Newcastle, making low budget films and corporate videos. With the economic downturn came a significant drop in income, and financial constraints limited her ability to travel and make new connections.

Wanting to network and reconnect with the industry, Zahra approached the Going Places travel fund for support to attend a low budget film-making workshop in London, hoping at the same time she might persuade the course organiser to executive produce an upcoming project.

“Instead I came back with the single best idea for a film that I’ve ever had,” says Zahra. “The course itself turned out to be brilliant and got me thinking about projects in a completely different way –rather than the standard approach of having an idea then considering how to resource it, looking first at the resources you have then using them to build an idea.”

“Attending that course has been life changing for me.”

Talking about her passion for football with another attendee, her thoughts started to take shape and on the train home she fleshed out the idea for a documentary feature, following the fortunes of Newcastle United’s football season through the eyes of its fans.

The next weekend she had Newcastle United on board, a writer and executive producer in place and support from all the team’s fan groups. Principal photography started just two months later.

The film We Are The Geordies is now in post production and Zahra is hoping to secure a distributor.

“The results of the activities The Film & Television Charity supported have been beyond my wildest dreams – attending that course has been life changing for me,” says Zahra.

“The press coverage, buzz and goodwill have been off the charts – and all stem from The Film & Television Charity helping with my trip to London – thank you!”

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