Betty Box & Peter Rogers Comedy Writing Programme

How to Apply

We helps individuals in Film and Television who are talented and driven, but who need support to progress and become a professional comedy writer.

It may be that financial barriers are preventing you from having the time to write, or perhaps your time is taken with childcare, caring for an adult or coping with any other personal issues that affect your time to create.

If sounds like you, the awards were designed to help you and your situation and we’d encourage you to apply.

We’re looking for applications from a wide range of backgrounds, ages and experiences; new doesn’t have to mean young.

And we’re looking for talent, not polish. It’s more important that your writing is fresh, surprising and funny than perfectly structured and crafted.

There is no minimum age requirement for this award. If you can demonstrate eligibility (including two years’ experience) and talent, then we are open to applications from those under 18.