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Let’s find a way forward

You’re not alone. We are here to support you in the good times and the bad. Whether you’re trying to get a production project off the ground, being harassed on set or struck down by illness, we can help.


Our team are friendly and down to earth. We have tremendous experience with all kinds of personal and professional issues. Whatever’s happening right now, get in touch. We’ll try our best to get you moving in the right direction.

How we can help

Financial support

Struggling with rent? Can’t afford a train ticket or a vital piece of production kit? We can offer immediate support or help with your ongoing commitments.

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Professional advice

There’s nothing like a fresh perspective. Be in the know about legal, human resources or career issues. You can download information or ask for our help.

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24/7 Support Line

Need help? Just shout. Our team is here day or night to give free and confidential advice. You can contact us via phone, email or online chat.

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Mental health matters

We understand it can be difficult to operate at your best if you’re experiencing depression, anxiety or other mental health issues. If you want to talk things through, feel free to call our 24/7 Support Line on 0800 054 0000 to speak confidentially and ask for impartial advice or a referral for direct support.

Bullying affecting you?

Bullying is no joke in film and TV. If you’ve experienced it or watched it happen to others, it’s probably affected your mental health. We’ve launched new anti-bullying and harassment services. You can book an appointment to talk to our anti-bullying advisor, use the clever digital tool ‘Spot‘ to organise your thoughts and create a private record, and find resources to help you take the next step that’s right for you.


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