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Bullying is no joke in film and TV. If you’ve experienced it or watched it happen to others, it’s probably affected your mental health. Replaying things that have happened can make things worse, our bullying support services are there to empower you to look after yourself and your colleagues.

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Anyone can be the target of bullying. If you feel uncomfortable, it counts. Bullying could be deeply personal criticism, abusive behaviour or specific discrimination or harassment, such as racism, homophobia, sexism or ableism. Whether it looks like this or something else, the most important thing is that what happened made you feel uncomfortable.

We have two unique support services to help you to stay in control and decide what to do next.

Spot is a clever new tool that helps you to anonymously record your experiences and organise your thoughts quickly and easily. Each record remains completely confidential within the system, it’s not accessible by us or anyone else. Just you. No human (not even Spot) will see what you’re writing. It’s important to do something now, not later. As well as helping you to process what happened, it allows you to save everything in one place, including emails, photos or screenshots in case you need it later on. Spot isn’t a reporting tool and your information won’t be shared with anyone, including us.

Our Bullying Pathway Advisor is a first-of-its-kind support for people who work in our industry, available for free through the Film and TV Support Line. Book an appointment to talk through your thoughts and experiences and receive specialist guidance to help you decide what to do next. If you don’t feel like talking, use our Anti-Bullying Resources Directory to look at what other kinds of guidance and support are available in the industry.

It’s important to remember that you’re not alone. Nearly 9 in 10 workers told us they’ve experienced or watched bullying or harassment happen. Together, we can improve mental health for everyone behind the scenes.


Record what you've seen and experienced

We've created an industry-specific version of Spot, a clever digital tool to help you document and reflect on behaviour you’ve seen or experienced first-hand, like bullying, harassment and micro-aggression

Start a record
If a colleague’s behaviour has made you feel uncomfortable, we're here to support you. Please get in touch, we can help you think through your next steps.
Justine, Bullying Pathway Advisor

Talk it through

Whilst organising your thoughts with Spot is a great first step, you might want to connect directly with somebody to talk through your experiences.

Our Bullying Pathway Service provides support and industry-specific legal, HR and mental health advice and information. Available through our confidential 24-hour Support Line, the service will connect you with an expert who can support you to take next steps that are right for you.

Contact the Support Line for free


Why is this needed?

Bullying was one of the most serious issues identified in research we published in 2020. Across UK film and TV nearly 9 in 10 workers told us they’ve experienced or witnessed bullying or harassment in the workplace, and it’s one of the primary causes of poor mental health in the industry.

That’s why we’ve created a movement to improve wellbeing and provide better work for everyone behind the scenes. These bullying services and the Anti-Bullying Resources Directory are part of this work, alongside our plans to provide enhanced support for freelancers, a toolkit for mentally-healthy productions, people skills, training guides, and industry action to improve behaviour.

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Directory of Anti-Bullying Resources

A collated directory of resources to help you if you've experienced or witnessed bullying, or are trying to prevent it in the industry.

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