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Financial support

Help with money worries

We’re undertaking a strategic review to ensure we can offer workers in film, TV and cinema grants and services that are more accessible, inclusive, impactful and fit for purpose in a post-Covid world. While we do that, the John Brabourne Awards, Going Places Awards and Carer’s Support Fund have been paused, with our new programme launching in Autumn 2021.

In the meantime, our Support Grants remain open for anyone with an immediate and urgent financial need, and our 24/7 Support Line, is available to offer information, advice or a listening ear. The Support Line will also continue to provide access to our new Bullying Pathway Service as well as access to counselling, legal and financial advice and mental health support.

Support Grants: for immediate help

If you’re facing unexpected costs or a short-term financial shortfall, our one-off grants could get you through. You’ll need at least 2 years’ proven professional experience behind the scenes in the UK film, TV and cinema industry to apply. We’re unfortunately not able to help front of camera talent.

Our grants are there to help you manage urgent and immediate financial needs. They are usually up to £800 but might be higher in exceptional circumstances.

For more resources related to financial help, please have a look at our financial advice.

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What if I need in-depth help?

If you’re in a tricky situation or dealing with lots of issues, we may be able to give you a deeper level of help. We have a small team of case workers who can be in touch over a 3 to 6 month period, helping you to find a way forward.

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