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Financial support

Help with money worries

Can’t see a way out? Need a bit of help to keep going? We can help. We offer a range of grants for travel, family issues or to help you develop your talent. Read more below and find out how to apply.

Support Grants: for immediate help

If you’re facing unexpected costs or a short-term financial shortfall, our one-off grants could get you through. You’ll need at least 2 years’ (proven) professional experience behind the scenes in the UK film, TV and cinema industry to apply. We’re unfortunately not able to help front of camera talent.

Grants are usually between £200- £800 but might be higher in exceptional circumstances. They could cover things like an unexpected bill, urgent repairs, medical costs or essential white goods.

For more resources related to financial help, please have a look at our financial advice.

Please note that these grants are for urgent and immediate financial need only. Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide ongoing financial support to cover long periods without work due to COVID- 19, but there are other ways we may be able to help- take a look at our specific Covid-19 help and advice page.

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John Brabourne Awards: unlocking talent

When you have proved what you can do, but are facing hurdles, you deserve a helping hand. The John Brabourne Awards is a talent development programme named in honour of the legendary film producer. He produced some of the greats of British cinema, which received a total of five Oscars® and 21 nominations. John cared passionately about helping people in the industry to build their own careers.

Each award can be up to £5,000 and can support a range of projects, including film or TV production, scriptwriting and development, or education and training courses.

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Going Places Awards

A sustainable career, wherever you live 

Travel costs that arise because of where you live shouldn’t stand in the way of securing your career. We want to help level the playing field by offsetting those costs for people who need help getting to interviews, pitching for commissions, building their professional networks or accessing training far from where they live.

The fund offers awards from £100 up to a maximum of £1,500 (per person per year) towards the cost of travel, accommodation and subsistence.

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Carers’ Support Fund

For carers with careers

Caring for loved ones? This fund looks to help professionals with caring responsibilities to seize opportunity and transform their careers.

If you’re finding the costs of caring is a barrier to taking up paid employment you can apply for short-term support of up to £1,500 to help you make alternative arrangements – whether you’re caring for a child, parent, partner or other significant people in your life.

Please Note: The Carers’ Support Fund is able to help with alternative care arrangements. If COVID-19 means you’re unable to pay household bills or meet other costs related to your family’s welfare please see our advice and support.


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What if I need in-depth help?

If you’re in a tricky situation or dealing with lots of issues, we may be able to give you a deeper level of help. We have a small team of case workers who can be in touch over a 3 to 6 month period, helping you to find a way forward.

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