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Why we exist

Supporting extraordinary people

The UK’s film and TV industry is extraordinary – full of passion, creativity, talent and vision. It relies on a tremendously talented and skilled workforce. And those people rely on us. While they love their work, the rollercoaster ride can begin to take its toll financially, emotionally and mentally.


Whatever life throws

We provide 24/7 help to people in all corners of the industry. This happens through a range of support services and talent development programmes. We give people a lift when they’re facing personal and career challenges, from illness and injury to unemployment, relationship breakdown and bereavement.


Our charity helps with travel, getting people where they need to go. There’s also support for those struggling to juggle their professional and personal responsibilities. Our talent development provides stepping stone for bright sparks who are talented and driven, yet unable to push ahead with their career. Take a look at how we help.

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Our goals

We’ve been working for nearly 100 years. Now, we’re excited about the future with a mission to extend our reach and impact. Let’s help more people than ever.

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Big impact

Discover how we’ve helped people to achieve their goals, some of the major work we’ve undertaken and the changes we’re striving for in the industry.

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Real stories

We hear about the ups and downs; the stories the industry doesn’t hear through our 24/7 Support Line and other work. Meet some people we’ve helped.

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An industry that deserves support

The UK film, TV and cinema industry is vibrant, with a creative and highly-skilled workforce. It’s punching above its weight in the UK economy and we believe it deserves support, investment … and a listening ear. You can partner with us to support our work or make a donation as an individual.