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What does change look like?

We’re rolling out new services and resources to help change the industry for the better

Do you want production to be a healthier, more open place to work – from the development meeting to the edit suite?

We’ll work with industry to improve mental health and HR support systems on productions. By sharing best practice, freshening up existing frameworks, then figuring out and testing what works. Together.

We all know that fair policies, clear comms and strong values lead to better ways of working – in theory. This toolkit will contain practical steps and real-life examples that any production can follow. Because content shouldn’t be produced at the expense of those who make it.


When it comes to your wellbeing at work, we want to help you put yourself first.

Via a new industry-wide digital hub, you’ll have access to practical tools and self-help resources, professional advice and support services. We’re boosting our 24-hour Support Line too, to add to the counselling, therapy and financial support options.

You’ll also be able to connect with your colleagues online, to share, learn and volunteer to support others. This community will be driven by you and evolve to cover the types of wellbeing issues – be they emotional, work-related, physical or financial – that matter to you.



Would you like some mental health training, but don’t know which type? Do you manage a team, despite never having received any line manager training?

We’ll help you make sense of what’s out there – when it comes to training around the causes of poor mental health too, e.g. ‘bystander’ techniques, ‘boundaries’ skills.

Experts will produce guidance on what to look for and how to find it. There’ll also be advice for providers on how to design courses, and deliver them, to those who need help most.

Training shouldn’t be a burden – we want to help you enjoy and be good at what you do. Let’s build people skills in to existing courses, rather than building on new modules.


A public campaign with its sights set on unhealthy culture and outdated attitudes.

Is it enough to talk about mental health and stigma – or do you think that sometimes it relates to things like bullying, diversity or the idea of whether you’re ‘cut out’ to work in our industry?

There’ll be moments where senior leaders talk about their own views. Mixed with noise on social media, ‘nudge’ messages and ads in your workplace loos. It’s time our industry caught on to the benefits that happy healthy workers can bring to a bottom line – because everyone’s going to start talking about it.

We’ll be there to support you if you feel you’re being bullied.

That period when you’re worried and confused about what’s really happening can be really damaging to your mental health.

We’ll help you get your head around the situation and navigate your options.

Use our Bullying Pathway Services to reflect on your experiences in private and access helpful info from across the industry. We’ve added a new service to our Support Line too, so you can talk things through in complete confidence with an expert.

We’re also backing the ongoing work of industry bodies (like the BFI, BAFTA, BECTU, Time’s Up, PACT, Directors UK, ScreenSkills and the Coalition for Change) to eradicate bullying in all its forms.

If you’re having courageous and constructive conversations at work, about how to strengthen an internal system for reporting bullying, we’re there for you. And we’ll respond to the many calls from freelancers – who’ve shared their stories with us – for a pan-industry system, by looking into if and how that could work, in detail.