Whole Picture Programme

Our pioneering strategy for better mental health in UK film and TV

Last year we asked the film, TV and cinema workforce to tell us about their mental health as part of ground-breaking Looking Glass research into the wellbeing of people working in our industry.

In February 2020, we published the findings from this research. In response, we’ve designed an ambitious, evidence-based action plan, the Whole Picture Programme.

What did we see?

The scale of the problem faced by our industry is beyond what we could have imagined. 9 in 10 people workers in our industry have experienced a mental health problem.

The personal testimonies and underlying causes, including widespread bullying, were shocking. They have given us a sense of responsibility and strengthened our commitment to long-lasting, sustainable change. Watch our short film “REFLECTIONS” and listen to just some of the real-life stories from the research:


What’s next?

There are no quick fixes for the complex causes of our industry’s poor mental health.  We’ve designed the Whole Picture Programme to run for 30 months up to autumn 2022, during which time we’ll pilot and launch a number of new interventions with action on: bullying; training; freelancer support; production protocols; and a culture change campaign.

We must work together to tackle deep-rooted issues and embed change at every level. We’ve founded the Film and TV Taskforce on Mental Health, bringing together influential and forward-thinking leaders from across the sector who are dedicated to this movement for change.

We’re supported by our strategic partner Mind, a Steering Group and 7 dedicated Working Groups, who will listen to the views of a diverse range of voices and freelancers with lived experience, as well as leading experts on certain issues from outside the industry, and we’ll be working closely with a wide range of industry bodies with valuable experience in this space and building on their work in several areas.

So far, we’ve secured funding from Banijay, BBC, Channel 4, Endemol Shine, ITV and Sky, ring-fenced for this work. Together, we’re committed to investing in the mental health of our workforce. Every day more and more people are coming forward to support us and donate.

The strategy will launch in October 2020.

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We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the thousands of people who took part in The Looking Glass and entrusted us with their private stories in the hope of changing the industry they love for the better. We couldn’t have done it without you.

You can also download the Data tables to the research.

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The Whole Picture Programme is a pioneering, industry-led movement for better mental health in film, TV and cinema.

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