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Welcome to the Film and Television Charity. Calls are recorded for the purposes of quality and staff training. This is a confidential service, however, there are some exceptions to this and these are where there may be a risk to your own health and safety, that of others or if you have been involved in a crime. An advisor will be with you shortly, Thank You.

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Hundreds of the UK’s leading film, TV and cinema companies have already heard the call. Now it’s your chance to join them

Help us make a real difference to the whole film, TV and cinema community. As the world starts to recover from the last 18 months of disruption, it’s more important than ever that The Film and TV Charity continues to support everyone working behind the scenes to help the industry thrive.

We all know happy teams produce better work

But, with as many as 9 in 10 people working behind the scenes in film, TV and cinema experiencing mental health problems, the industry is facing a a turning point.

The Film and TV Charity is uniquely placed to help

In 2020 alone, we were able to assist nearly 10,000 people with financial grants and through our 24/7 support line. We’re ready to accelerate our work into 2022 but we need your support to really make a difference.

Heartfelt thanks on behalf of everyone here for the phenomenal effort you’ve put into supporting the industry through an incredibly difficult time.
Ben King, Director of Policy at Netflix

Past supporters include

Every penny makes a difference. Our suggested minimum donation is £500 and help:

Keep services like The Film and TV Support Line running

This is a 24/7 listening ear on a huge range of issues.

Give financial help to those in need

In the last year we awarded over £5.6m in grants to more than 3,000 people.

Support grassroots activity

Promoting wellbeing, community, productivity, equality, diversity and inclusion

Help develop new services

Including initiatives such as our new Bullying Advice Service

Offer freelancer resources

that help the industry stay happy, healthy and creative

Good for the film, TV & cinema community. Good for your business

Donating not only helps the freelancers and staff who work for you. It also has a direct impact on your own brand.

Donate today to:

Invest in developing

Support for healthier, happier freelancers

Be part of the industry’s

Most important conversations

Showcase your business'

Position as a leader

Make a real difference

To your industry

Embed change

At the heart of your organisation