I'm caring for someone

If caring for a sick or elderly family member is preventing you from returning to work or continuing your career, we may be able to help.

Getting back to work

Finding yourself suddenly having to leave behind your career in the Film and TV industry or stop work because you need to care for someone else can be a challenge.

Of course, there’s little you can do in a situation where you’re forced to drop everything and look after sick or elderly relative or friend. Even if it is just a temporary illness, you may find yourself struggling to work during the period.

For long-term caring and looking after elderly relatives, the situation may be more difficult. Not being able to work impacts your income and your career, particularly if it looks like they may need help indefinitely and you don’t have funds available to put them into care.

We’ve helped many individuals who have had to put a temporary hold on their Film and TV career to look after a loved one. In many cases, we’ve provided financial support to help them find their way back to work.

In addition to our sources of funding, we also have our National Care Plan which offers preferential rates in care home and retirement housing.

If you’re a carer, the best way to get started is to get in touch. We’ll listen to your situation and give you some options. The first step to getting your career back on track is to contact us today.

If you’re retired and caring for someone, we’re also able to provide support. Contact us today and we’ll discuss what you need and find an option that’s right for you.