I need to discuss bullying and harassment

If you’re suffering from being bullied or harassed at work and need to speak with someone, contact us right now.

Someone to speak with

Being bullied in the workplace or harassed by a co-worker can be a demeaning, frightening and highly emotional experience. But it’s not a situation you should suffer alone or feel the need to stay silent.

Sometimes you may not feel comfortable going to the head of production or whoever is in charge in your organisation to report incidences of bullying and harassment. Fearing an impact on their career or ability to find work, many may simply stay quiet and suffer alone.

You shouldn’t have to suffer bullying or harassment. That’s why if you believe you are the subject of bullying or harassment – or you have a work colleague you believe is being bullied or harassed – please get in touch now.

Our team are trained to provide you with options to discuss bullying and harassment that you – or someone you work with – may have experienced.

Regardless of your situation, we can help. You’re able to contact our support team in complete confidence and even remain anonymous if you so wish.