Childcare issues stop me working

If you’re looking to return to work or transition to working full-time after having a child, we may be able to help

Getting back to work

Juggling the demands of being a parent is hard enough already. When you’re living on a limited budget, childcare issues, getting back into work and returning to your career in the Film and TV industry are important.

Yet, the cost of childcare makes this a real challenge. It presents a situation where you need to work to afford childcare but you can’t afford childcare until you’re in work.

We’ve supported parents with careers in the Film and TV industry make the jump back into full-time work. By providing support to individuals and families who needed short-term help to bridge a period of low or no income, we’re able to help you back into your career and become financially self-sufficient again.

The first step is contacting us today to find out how we can support you. Get in touch using the links below.

Other ways we support you

In our experience, it’s perfectly normal to find other issues which may affect you, including:

If you suffer from any other issues, we can help. We offer support to hundreds of individuals and families every year to help them back into work or keeping in touch with their career and their network until they return to work.

Unsure whether you’re eligible for any help? We may be able to help you even if you don’t think you are. Contact us today and we’ll explain your options.