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Help Someone You Know

When you know someone who needs support

If you know someone who works in the Film & TV industry or used to work in the industry who you believe may need our support, we may be able to help.

Although they will have to initiate contacting, we know that sometimes it can be useful as a friend or family member to be able to give them advice or guide them towards help.

That’s why we want to provide as much information to you as possible. If you feel this is useful, please pass this information to someone who may need it.

Here is more about how we can help them:

How will we help them?

We have funds through which we can support individuals and families who are working or have worked in the Film & TV industry but are experiencing difficulties financially or personally.

Every year we distribute around £1 million to help every kind of situation from paying for white goods and travel costs through to helping people with their rent or cope with bereavement.

Here’s a list of every situation we’re able to help with.

Will it be confidential?

We understand that for many people it can be difficult admitting you’re in distress and to reach out for help. Anyone who is ready to contact us can do so in complete confidence – even anonymously – and we’ll deal with their enquiry sensitively.

What happens when they contact you?

When someone first contacts us, a member of our support team will get in touch in whichever way is most comfortable and convenient for them.

We have clear guidelines on how we’ll deal with every enquiry and we’ll make sure their needs are treated appropriately and sensitively. Read the guidelines here.

Will they have to travel to you?

We support individuals and families across the UK so there is no need to visit our offices. Our support team has people in every region of the UK who can visit the individual’s home, if needed. However, in most cases a visit isn’t necessary.

What do they have to do to qualify for support?

The only requirement for support is they need to have two years paid experience in the film, television or cinema industry.

If, after assessing the individual’s needs we feel there is a way of supporting them, we’ll either arrange for a member of the support team to visit them or start the process of getting money or other resources to them.

We do not means-test and all awards are made on the basis of need. We won’t make them provide hundreds of bank statements or jump through hoops. We want it to be as simple as possible.

Can I speak to anyone?

We’re more than happy to speak to you about our process and what support we have available if you want to refer someone to us. However, we can’t speak specifically about the person who you believe needs support.

If you would like more information or want more information to someone who you believe needs support, please download our information brochure outlining the support available and the process.