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Legal support

Being hit with the threat of legal action or being taken to court can be a worrying and anxious time. The cost of being able to respond to threats of legal action against you or even getting an opinion from a lawyer can be prohibitive for most people if they’re living on a limited budget.

Understanding the challenges of the Film and TV industry, we’ve helped those who faced legal action to understand better their situation to find a way out. Being able to speak to someone who can lay out some options makes all the difference.

Whatever the situation you may find yourself in, our support team will be able to put you in touch with a fully trained professional lawyer who will be able to provide initial legal advice on any issues you have which may include:

  • Opinion on legal action
  • Understanding legal terminology
  • Help with debt letters and court notices
  • Bullying or harassment claims

Regardless of your situation, we’ll be able to help or put you in touch with someone who can help with your particular circumstances. Call our team today on the details below.