I need project funding

If you need project funding or finance for your production, we may be able to support you

Project finance

If you’re trying to boost your career in Film or TV, whether moving further along your chosen path or changing roles, you’ll most likely find that access to support and access to knowledge and experience are two areas where most people struggle.

Our support team has helped hundreds of production crew, writers, directors and producers gain valuable experience and knowledge through our financial support of their career.

There are various situations where we may be able to help with:

  • Finance for equipment for your shoot
  • Help with living costs while working on your project
  • Funding towards vocational courses and degrees
  • Finance to finish a current production project

Unlike other funding sources for production projects, we’re able to consider support based on need. If seeking funding from other sources, it may help to acquire a small amount of funding from us before going to other finance options to build momentum in your project.

Here’s what you can expect from the funding process.

Awards and scholarships

One of our aims is to support emerging talent with a passion for Film and TV. To do so, we have access to funding from several sources to support this aim and for which you may apply.

We’re clear that new and emerging doesn’t necessarily mean young. Regardless of age or experience, our funding is based on demonstrating a passion and a need for support.

We have three sources from which funding support is drawn:

The John Brabourne Awards

Individual financial awards up to £5000, which can go towards production projects, scriptwriting and development, education and training, and technology or equipment needs. Find out more here.

The Betty Box and Peter Rogers Comedy Award

A funding and support programme for emerging comedy writers. Find out more here.

The Richard Attenborough Scholarship

A full fees scholarship for a place on an MA course at the National Film and TV School (NFTS). Find out more here.

Contact us today and we’ll guide you to the right support for your situation.