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Help with travel costs

If you need to travel for networking or work opportunities the Going Places fund may be able to help.

Going Places – helping with the cost of travel

The UK boasts one of the most dynamic Film and TV sectors in the world, but if you’re based outside one of the core production locations, it can be problematic, with travel costs continually rising.

If you need to travel to another part of the country for work reasons, it can be a barrier due to affordability – we understand the importance of being able to travel in order to stay in touch with your career or have face-to-face meetings, especially if:

  • You’re temporarily out of work or between projects
  • You’re working but currently on a low income
  • You’re getting back into the Film and TV industry after a period out of work
  • You’re a carer or juggling with looking after children

We’ve helped many Film and TV industry professionals with travel expenses in exactly these situations.

How we can help

Here are a few of the situations we’ve helped with travel costs for:

  • To attend work/project meetings
  • To meet with potential employers, commissioners or recruiters
  • To attend meetings with other industry professionals
  • To stay in touch with your network at meetings or industry events
  • To attend workshops or training to ensure you’re staying ahead of technology and your skills are up-to-date

Our main fund for travel costs is Going Places, run in partnership with Northern Film + Media, which helps experienced screen industry professionals from anywhere in the UK with work-related travel, accommodation and subsistence costs.

If you have any questions, contact us today and a member of the team will discuss your situation.