How can I join an industry-wide movement for change?

Our industry is brilliant, but sometimes flawed. We all need to play a part in changing it for the better. There are lots of people concerned about the same things who want to make a difference.

Here are some of the movements for change in film, TV and cinema. All have specific actions and/or guidance to address or prevent bullying, discrimination and harassment.

Where to learn more about industry-wide movements for change


A bullying and harassment awareness campaign by the Unscripted TV branch of Bectu. The campaign amplifies the voices of members who have experienced bullying

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Bectu & Marcus Ryder MBE

Commissioned by Bectu, Marcus Ryder's report calls on broadcasters and industry stakeholders to form a new independent reporting body to tackle racism

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BFI in partnership with BAFTA

Sign up to the BFI's set of nine principles designed to prevent bullying, harassment and racism in the workplace

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Coalition for Change

Led by Freelancer Adeel Amini, this pan-industry coalition dedicated to improving working conditions for freelancers, has a sub group formed to tackle bullying in TV

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Directors UK

Read more about the code of conduct that sets out to tackle inappropriate behaviour by and against directors in the UK film and TV industry

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The Film and TV Charity

If you share our concern for the mental health of our industry, join our movement for change. Find out what you can do today to support our bullying work and behaviour change campaign

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Time's Up

The organisation that stands for safe, fair and dignified work for women. Sign up to their newsletter to stay informed of their campaigns

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Are there any resources out there that we’ve missed? Or any information that would be useful to you that we can share in the future? Get in touch [email protected]