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 How Can the Freelancer Hub Help You?  

Life as a Freelancer can give you freedom and flexibility. However, for many Freelancers in the industry, a lack of consistent support can lead to uncertainty and increased pressure. As more than 50% of the film and TV workforce is made up of Freelancers, we’ve created this hub so you can easily access a fantastic range of self-help tools and resources. They are all designed to help you take care of your most important business asset – YOU!  

Here you’ll find wellbeing support through digital tools; videos, information, and advice tailored specifically for people working in the film, TV, and cinema industry.  We developed these tools following our research in 2021 that identified a lack of accessible support as a key contributor to poor mental health and wellbeing for many working behind the scenes. As an industry, we know how crucial it is to make long-term changes that will enable and encourage respect and better support for freelancers.  

Identifying the triggers and factors negatively impacting your wellbeing is an essential first step to looking after your mental health and wellbeing. Once you’ve done that, you can begin proactively addressing those triggers, spot the signs of poor mental health, work out how to manage them and, crucially, get the support you might need. 

Although this Hub has been created with freelancers in mind, it is also a useful resource for anyone working behind the scenes who wants to start looking after their wellbeing to support their careers. 

Freelancer ‘Wellbeing Check-In’ quiz

Start your wellbeing journey by taking our 1-Minute ‘Wellbeing Check-In’ quiz.  

You will get tailored tips and advice for managing common industry stressors as well as ways you can boost your wellbeing at work.   

This quiz was developed with business psychologists, and encourages you to assess whether you are experiencing any ‘risk factors’ that could be affecting your wellbeing. These are a combination of general lifestyle factors impacting physical and mental health and stressors specific to the film and TV industry. 

Once you have completed the quiz and received your tailored support, we encourage you to set specific ‘wellbeing goals’, such as improving your physical health or learning to manage difficult conversations, all to improve your wellbeing.  

Remember, you can come back and complete the quiz at any time in the future to check on how you’re getting on.

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Support Resources

Here you can browse our support resources, designed and collated specifically to help freelancers working in film and TV.  

These resources cover many issues that freelancers face including: 

  • Spotting everyday stressors and stress triggers 
  • Freelancers working behind-the-scenes share their mental health stories and the lessons learned about how to keep well at work. 
  • Tips include: Seeking Support, managing financial worries and building a support network

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